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At the Sinéad Loughnane Academy we offer a comprehensive range of dance classes for children from the age of 3. But it is never too late to start dancing, so whilst many students start their dancing education with an introduction to the delights of Ballet, they could equally pursue one of our other disciplines such as Tap, Modern and Street dancing.

Whatever the talents and preferences of your child, we encourage and nurture them as young dancers to achieve to the best of their potential whilst developing their love and enjoyment of dance and music. I believe that it is vital that young dancers not only work hard but also have fun whilst they are learning.

If you have a son or daughter who loves to dance around the lounge at every opportunity, or who is always singing along to music and just loves to perform, why not bring them along to one of our classes? We can take that love of dance and music and channel their energy in a fun and inspiring environment that offers them freedom of expression and the opportunity to develop their technique.

And recognising that mums and dads need their own recreation too, we hold several adult tap classes that have proved exceedingly popular!

Please explore this website at your leisure and see what we have to offer your aspiring dancer! If you don’t find what you are looking for, just give us a call anytime and we will be happy to answer your questions.

History of the Academy

Since I was child I have always carried a great passion for dance, and I have always wanted to instil and share that passion with others.

Finally in 2001, I founded this Dance Academy, with only a handful of students and classes to start with. Over the last 16 years I have begun to realise my dream of creating an established dance school offering tutoring in all aspects of Ballet, Modern, Tap and Street dance, and the academy now has over 250 students...


Sinead Loughnane - Dance Principal
Gemma Seaford - Lamda Coach and Dance Teacher
Miss Katherine Werrell – LISTD Modern & Tap, DDI & DDE Modern Theatre and Tap Dance Approved Tutor
Gemma Seaford - Lamda Coach and Dance Teacher
Anna Mair- Dance Teacher
Soeli Parry - Musical Theatre and Guest Teacher

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quotes"A fantastic dance academy that brings out the best in your child in a relaxed, friendly environment"

Lisa Farbon

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